Sorry for being MIA since Tuesday night; I’ve been in a bagel coma (aka my boyfriend Will came to visit for the week!). Tuesday morning I snagged a carton of figs on sale from Whole Foods and as I was leaving the store I realized that I had never eaten a raw fig. I’d had fig jam and dried figs but I had never had a plain old fig. Noting this, I very quickly rinsed one when I got home and took a bite.

Holy wow. Fresh figs do not exactly taste like their jammy or dried counterparts. As opposed to some honey-tasting fig jams that I’ve had, the flavor of raw figs is earthy and mellow. After the first bite you’ll be hooked, and after you get over how pretty the interior is, you’ll demolish half of a carton.

In the midst of this fresh fig madness, I’ve also been loving fig prepared in other ways. Will and I (OK, really just me) may have gone a little overboard with figs this week but boy are they delicious.

Fig spread at Busboys and Poets with sliced Fuji apples and Gorgonzola on walnut raisin bread:

Fig preserves at 2 Amy’s with goat cheese and bread:

I am officially fig-obsessed. What fruit are you loving right now?


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