Bagel Wars

When you’re from Long Island, bagels are serious business. You don’t buy bagels from the grocery store in a packaged plastic bag and you certainly don’t buy bagels from the freezer aisle. Bagels are like currency on Long Island and different towns rep different stores.

Today my roommate drove back to D.C. from Long Island and tonight my boyfriend arrived in D.C. from Long Island. Without conferencing first, both brought back a dozen bagels from their respective bagel stores.

A & S versus Long Island Bagel Cafe (aka “24”) using a sesame seed bagel for comparison:

I’m a little biased for 24 (whole wheat bagel with salmon salad, thank you). Which bagel would you choose?


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4 Responses to Bagel Wars

  1. Jillian says:

    24, ovb.

  2. yossi oren says:

    a&s bagles rule
    as their initials suggest: amazing & satisfying

  3. Jordan says:

    24, ovb-I mean, look at the size of it!


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