Last night my roommate Tina and I rewarded a day of working indoors with dinner and drinks at Zengo. Zengo’s menu offers a fusion of Latin and Asian dishes served mostly tapas-style, and the two-level restaurant has a fun and trendy atmosphere. We headed directly to the bar upon arrival and dove into a round of mojitos. While we both felt that the drink was way too sour (I added water to mine to tame it down), we each grabbed a $5 mojito piña at the happy hour’s last call.

With the purchase of one drink at happy hour you can get a handful of items for $5 each, so we split a Vegetariano Roll (asparagus, red pepper, avocado, mushroom and a lemon-sake aioli) while our table was being set up upstairs. The service in the bar/lounge area was pretty bad, but the sushi was the perfect pre-dinner bite.

Once we were seated in the upstairs dining room we ordered the Wakame-Hijiki Seaweed Salad, Charred Tuna Wonton Tacos, Peking Duck Daikon Tacos and Achiote-Hoisin Pork Arepas… plus an order of Naan to scoop up all of the sauces and leftover drips.

The seaweed salad showed a savory side of spiralized vegetables:

The soft sushi rice in the otherwise crunchy tuna tacos was an interesting twist and the make-your-own duck tacos had daikon slices for “shells”:

Other than the mojitos, I would order each and every item again, but definitely want to try the Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps next time.  After dinner we went to see a comedy show that proved just how interesting life can really be— more on that tomorrow!


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