Gleeking Out

At 8p.m. this evening my fall TV season will be complete. You see, I very rarely venture outside of Bravo network programming (except for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” OK, and “Teen Mom”) but tonight I will dare to press the “down” arrow on my remote control to arrive at Fox for the “Glee” season 2 premier. “Glee” has everything that I like in a television show and a musical all combined into one hilariously entertaining package.

In the midst of my wait for the new season, I got a bit of “Glee” fever over the summer while visiting my friends Kelly and Jeff in Los Angeles. We purchased tickets for a Paramount Studio tour only to find out when we got there that tours are not allowed to visit the “Glee” set. Despite this, I was on a hunt to dig up some spoilers on “Glee” and the following are the some of the photos I snapped in this sad attempt:

And a normal photograph for good measure of Kelly, Jeff, Me and my boyfriend Will:

I hope all of the “Glee” fans out there enjoy the season premier tonight!


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