American Pie Company

With the weather getting a bit cooler I have one fruit on my mind; apples. With apples comes pie and the best apple pie I’ve ever had can be found at a little pie shop/restaurant in Sherman, Connecticut. A visit to my aunt’s lakehouse is not complete without stopping at the American Pie Company.

During our last trip to Connecticut we stopped in for dessert after a day on the lake and then bought an apple pie to take home for the following night. Those mugs you see below are filled with pie and ice cream, layered on top of one another, and topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream.

While I love their peach-raspberry pie, their apple pie is pure flaky, cinnamon-y perfection. The best part? You can taste the delicious slices of fresh apple with each and every bite. As my dad said, “It is worth the drive from Long Island for this apple pie.”

As a bonus, the American Pie Company also sells bags of house-made granola, studded with pecans and yellow raisins. What is your favorite fall dessert?


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