Happy Hour at The Front Page

The Thursday scene at The Front Page in Dupont Circle is divided into three groups: professionals schmoozing at the front-of-house bar; couples, families and friends dining in the restaurant itself; and younger college folk enjoying mostly-only Happy Hour items in the back-of-house bar and seating area.

These Happy Hour items on Thursday’s include $2 Miller Lites, Coronas and Corona Lights and $1 tacos from 5-7pm. When I say $1 tacos I mean THREE entire soft shell tacos all for the price of $1. In 21-year-old speak this means you can get dinner (the tacos) and a drink (a Corona, if you please) for $3 flat. Throw in an extra 2 bucks for service and you have a $5 meal with friends and a fun crowd.

Be ready to wait a minute or two to get up to the taco station where you will be served your choice of chicken, ground beef or black beans inside your 3 flour tortillas; skip the bland-looking chicken and go with the beef and beans instead. Once the shells are filled you are free to top them with your own mix-ins from guacamole (way too salty, I will probably skip it next time) to pico de gallo and shredded lettuce and cheese. Are these the greatest tacos of all time? No. Do they cost about 33 cents each? Yes. So alert the interns and college students in town! This happy hour is busy, fun and a truly great deal.


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