Le Pain Quotidien

There is nothing in this world that will get me out of bed sooner than the promise of a show-stopping breakfast, so when my friend Emily reminded me that there was a Le Pain close by, I jumped on the opportunity to make my Tuesday morning a bit brighter.

After our walk to the restaurant, Emily ordered a ham and cheese croissant and I chose an organic soft-boiled egg (boiled for 4 minutes, as our receipt would later tell us) with bread and a small fresh fruit bowl. While the prices may at first seem steep (but not so in comparison to diners!), this breakfast was certainly made with fine ingredients, and most importantly, care.

Other than the egg, this simple plate consisted of white bread, wheat bread and raisin bread for yolk-dipping.

De-lish. I might just trade in Sunday breakfasts for Tuesday mornings at Le Pain.


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2 Responses to Le Pain Quotidien

  1. FALK says:

    Hey Melissa:

    Loving the blog thus far…sounds like exciting times ahead. Certainly looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Good luck!

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